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The Best Tips for Moving House over Christmas

Why Would You Want to Move Over the Holidays, Anyway?

December is a month of celebrations and festivities. It can be a great time to move house if you’ve been thinking about it for some time, just imagine how exciting it will be to be in a new home over Christmas!

The truth is that none of us want to move home during the Christmas holidays, but sometimes it’s out of our control and if we want our dream house, we have to just go for it.

Moving over Christmas can be tricky, but with the right preparations, it’s not impossible. Follow these tips and you’ll have nothing to worry about!

Hire a Good Removal Company

There are many man and van hire companies in the market, but not all of them are good. If you want to hire a good removal company, then you should consider the following factors.

1) Reputation: You should find out about the reputation of the removal company before you hire them. You can do this by checking their reviews and testimonials on their website or on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

2) Price: The prices of two companies may be different for a variety of reasons such as experience, size and location. So it is important to compare prices before hiring any company. Just Google man and van london cheap to get started!

3) Service: The service that a company offers is another important factor to consider when hiring a removal company. You should find out if they offer packing services, storage services or both of these services before hiring them.

Pack as Much as You Can Ahead of Time

Make sure to pack as much as you can ahead of time before the big day and don’t forget to bring your list with you.

I recommend packing as much as possible before the big day, so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. During Christmas, this is even more important as we are always busy with friends and family!

Be Protective With Your Valuable Items

There are some items that you should protect with a little more care than others. When you are moving, there are certain items that you should be careful with, like jewellery and other small valuables.

Jewellery can be easily lost or misplaced during packing and unpacking, so it is important to keep track of it. Jewellery should be stored in individual boxes or wrapped in tissue paper so that it does not get scratched, tangled, or broken. It is also a good idea to take pictures of jewellery before you move so that you can remember what you have once the move is over.

Other items that need extra care include artwork and other fragile objects; dishes; valuable collectables; glassware; framed pictures and mirrors; wine bottles; and anything else that could break if handled too roughly.

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself

With the stress of moving, we can often neglect our social life but we want to be organised enough that we can still see our friends and family during the Christmas holidays.

Moving over Christmas sounds stressful but it doesn’t have to be, if you plan your move correctly then it will go smoothly and you can enjoy the Christmas holidays.

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