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The 3 Best Ideas for a Christmas Party in Liverpool

ad. How lucky are we? Christmas is already on our doorsteps, the city is shining with all the dazzling decorations, and we live in Liverpool, one of the best, most friendly and festive cities in the world. But this brilliant package of advantages also brings a difficult question: How do you make Christmas even better? The answer is throwing a party to remember. Here are three incredible ideas for a Yuletide party in Liverpool. 

A Glittering Waterfront Christmas Gala at The Bentley Liverpool

Here’s a fantastic idea to make your Christmas parties in Liverpool truly unforgettable. 

  • Theme: A Glittering Waterfront Xmas Gala.
  • Venue: The Bentley Liverpool.
  • Decor: Ask The Bentley Liverpool’s staff to transform the already sophisticated facility into a winter wonderland, with twinkling lights, shimmering silver and gold decorations, and elegant table settings. The backdrop of Liverpool’s iconic waterfront, especially the Three Graces, will be accentuated with festive lighting.
  • Entertainment: Start the evening with a jazz band playing classic Yuletide tunes, followed by a high-class cabaret show. Incorporate interactive elements like a photo booth with festive props for guests to capture memories of the night.
  • Catering: Take advantage of The Bentley’s first-class catering services to offer a sumptuous feast. Consider traditional roast turkey, pudding, canapés, and desserts. A bespoke cocktail menu featuring seasonal drinks like mulled wine and eggnog would add an extra touch of class to the evening.
  • Activities: Besides the main entertainment, have areas for quieter activities where guests can make their own ornaments or Christmas cards. 
  • Dress Code: Encourage guests to dress in their finest black tie with a touch of Yuletide sparkle. 

A Canine Christmas Extravaganza

Create a one-of-a-kind Christmas celebration that’s not just fun for humans but also for our four-legged friends. 

  • Theme: Festive Paws Party
  • Venue: A spacious, dog-friendly area (somebody’s house with a large green area, for instance), ideally with indoor and outdoor spaces for different activities. The area should be decorated with dog-safe ornamentation, keeping the festive spirit alive.
  • Decor: Think twinkling lights, Christmas trees (safely out of tail’s reach), and dog-themed decorations. Set up a special area with a Christmas backdrop for memorable photos of pets and their owners.
  • Entertainment: Add to the excitement with a mini dog show or a dazzling parade, inviting all the canine guests to strut their stuff in their most festive outfits. And to ensure every pooch is looking absolutely paw-some, suggest your guests visit Faye’s Doggy Boutique beforehand for a special pre-party dog grooming in Liverpool. It’s the perfect opportunity for their furry friends to get pampered and primped, ensuring they’re camera-ready.
  • Catering: Offer a dual catering service – one for humans, featuring traditional Christmas fare, and another tailored for dogs, with treats and cakes. Ensure there are plenty of water stations for the furry guests.
  • Activities: Organise fun, dog-centric activities like a ‘Best Dressed’ contest for dogs in festive attire, a treasure hunt for dog treats, and interactive games that dogs and their owners can enjoy together. 

Home for the Holidays: A Personal Christmas Movie Marathon

Organising a Christmas movie marathon in your home presents a cosy, intimate approach to celebrating the holiday season. Here’s a guide to transforming a domestic setting into an idyllic movie-watching haven.

  • Theme: Home for the Holidays.
  • Venue: Opt for a spacious house, ideally one with an expansive living area or basement that can accommodate a large number of guests. Ensure there are plenty of comfortable seats, such as sofas, bean bags, and cushions.
  • Decor: Convert the chosen home into a movie haven. Adorn spaces with twinkling fairy lights and festive garlands, set up Christmas-themed cushions and throws, and place a small Christmas tree in a cosy corner. Create a makeshift ‘screening area’ with a large television or projector.
  • Entertainment: The night’s highlight is a curated selection of cherished Christmas films. Compile a variety that balances time-honoured classics with contemporary holiday hits to cater to diverse tastes. “Home alone” is, of course, mandatory on the list.
  • Catering: Offer sweet and savoury holiday delicacies like mince pies, gingerbread, and steaming hot chocolate. Also, include classic cinematic snacks such as popcorn and nachos. A station for warm beverages offering mulled wine, hot cider, and artisanal coffees would be a charming complement.
  • Activities: Between films, engage guests with light-hearted activities like Christmas-themed trivia or a contest for the ‘most outstanding Christmas jumper’. Additionally, set aside a corner for board or card games as an alternate source of entertainment.
  • Comfort and Warmth: Ensure a cosy and warm environment by providing ample blankets, cushions, and possibly heat lamps to keep everyone comfortable throughout the movie marathon.

An Unforgettable Christmas: Parties for Every Style

Each idea we’ve explored has its own special touch. They remind us that the essence of a great Christmas party lies in creativity, community spirit, and the shared joy of the season. After all, whether you’re raising a toast against the backdrop of the Mersey, laughing with a four-legged friend, or snuggled up watching festive films, Liverpool is the most charming setting for making unforgettable holiday memories. 

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