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No money for Christmas gifts? Here’s 9 ways to make some quick cash

If you have no money for Christmas gifts, there are a few ways you can make some money online to help you when you cannot afford Christmas presents.

If you need money for Christmas presents, it’s really important that you avoid feeling pressured into buying gifts that you cannot afford. Please stay away from using credit cards and getting loans to pay for Christmas if you won’t be able to pay them off. Yes, Christmas is a very special time – but it’s more about spending quality time with your loved ones rather than buy expensive gifts.

Talk to your friends and family about your concerns about money. You can ask that you don’t exchange gifts that year, I’m sure everyone will understand that you don’t have enough money to buy all the presents you want for Christmas.

There are a few ways you can make a bit of extra cash for Christmas presents if you have no money for Christmas.

No money for Christmas gifts? Here's how to make some quick cash


You can get a free share worth anything between £3 and £200 by signing up to Freetrade with my referral link.

Here are the steps:

  • Click my referal link
  • Download Freetrade and register
  • Complete the registration process
  • Fill in the W-8BEN
  • Put £1 into your account
  • Get your free share

You need to have your NI number ready as Freetrade is a trading website that requires your NI number. Whenever you place a trade, Freetrade is required to report this to the FCA using your full name and a National Insurance number or National Identifier.

Your free share will show as ‘pending’ in your portfolio and you will get it within 10 days. They usually drop the Wednesday after you have registered around 4 pm.

Once you have your free share, you can sell it. It takes a few days to settle and then you can withdraw it into your account.

You can also withdraw the £1 that you funded your account with at any time.


Ziglu is a crypto trading app and they have a £5 referral scheme. You can use my referral link and get £5 INSTANTLY. This process will take you about 10 minutes to complete and you will have your free £5 that you can withdraw straight into your bank account so you can use the money to start buying Christmas presents today.

As soon as you invest in Bitcoin, the £5 will be in your account. You can then withdraw it straight into your bank account.

Once you sign up, you have to verify your account (this is normal when it comes to buying stocks and shares to ensure there’s no money laundering). You do this by showing a piece of ID and then you need to verify it’s you by recording a short video of you saying 3 numbers that they tell you to say. Then, after around 5 minutes you will be verified and can add your £1.

Top Cashback No Spend offers

Top Cashback has some offers you can take advantage of without spending any money. These usually require you registering to a website or doing a free trial. To find out more about these offers, I’ve put together a blog post on my money blog, so go and read about the Top Cashback no spend offers you can take advantage of.

Some of these offers will show as pending into your account for a few weeks. So to take advantage of them in time for buying some Christmas presents, do them as soon as possible. If it is too late, you can still do the offers and save the money for next Christmas or some other events you have coming up!

If you get into the habit of using Top Cashback whenever you buy things online, you can make some additional money throughout the year that you can use for Christmas presents year on year. Some big-ticket cashback offers are things like energy providers, phone contracts and insurance.


Follow this link to sign-up for Quidco. Quidco is a cashback site such as Top cashback. Just like top cashback, make sure you check Quidco before buying anything online so you can earn cashback. Once you have earned £5 in cashback, you will get another £5 for using my link!

So it is a bit of a slow burner, but still worth doing if you don’t have any money for Christmas presents! It’s only August, after all!

Atta Poll

Atta Poll is a survey app where you can complete surveys for money.

You can download Atta Poll here.

The surveys vary in length and payment. Sometimes you will get screened out of the surveys so it can be hard to find ones that you are suited to, but the payment threshold is only £3, so you can withdraw as soon as you reach that amount to put towards some Christmas presents.


Shopimum is a cashback app. You browse different supermarkets for offers and can get money off, or sometimes even free items. This can save you money on your weekly shop.

All you do is buy the product that’s on offer, then scan the receipt then you get the money back. I got mine in my Paypal account the next day.

You can sign up here with my code and get a free tube of Pringles!

There are other apps such as GreenJinn and CheckoutSmart that do the same thing.

YouGov Surveys

YouGov can be a bit of a slow burner as the payout threshold is £50. But stay with me, I have a tip to get you earning a bit more money that will you get you a withdrawal before Christmas!

First, sign-up to YouGov here.

You will get invited to surveys. The beauty of YouGov is that you won’t get screened out of them as they only send the surveys that you qualify for.

If you want to earn more points, you can get more points by signing up to YouGov Safe. You basically sell your data to YouGov – things like your Netflix history, browsing history and more. You can get around 1400 points (worth £14) to start with, then each week you can continue to upload your latest data for an additional 50 points (I get about 250 points a week or this!)

After you’ve signed up to YouGov, you can find out more about how to get YouGov safe and claim your extra points here.

A nice £50 will be a great help towards Christmas gifts!

Facebook Market Place

Selling things you don’t need or use is a great way to get some extra money for Christmas.

If you have kids, get their old clothes on there in bundles! Sell the toys they’ve outgrown as well as any things you have in your house that you don’t need.


PanelBase is another survey site. It’s got a payment threshold of £10, so you can withdraw when you earn that amount.

You do get screened out of some surveys, but not as many as AttaPoll. When you get screened out, you get entered into a prize draw to earn a bit of extra money. You can also do quick polls to get entered into the prize draw.

Before you signup for PanelBase, follow this link to sign-up for Quidco. By signing up to PanelBase Surveys via Quidco, you will earn 50p cashback. This doesn’t sound like much but it is minimal effort so why not? Also, you will earn an extra £5 from using my referral link once you’ve earned £5 of cashback. So it’s worth doing this if you don’t use cashback sites already!

Anyway, enough about Quidco. Now you can signup to here. You get £3 just for registering. Fill out your profile and get earning some extra cash for Christmas!

I really help these offers to help you. get some extra money if you have no money for Christmas. Whether it’s to use on Christmas food or presents, free money is always welcome!

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