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11 Christmas stocking fillers for adults 2023

Stocking fillers for adults seems like a natural post to come after my stocking fillers for Children post that I write a few days ago. I just love stocking fillers!

If you’ve never heard of stocking fillers before, they are gifts that should be small enough to fit in a stocking. They’re often given out on Christmas morning or after the holidays as a way to say thank you.

Stocking fillers are also called little treasures because they usually come with a thoughtful and personal touch. This is how they stand out from all other gifts. When we buy them, we try to find something that would make the person who receives it happy and excited about opening it up. We want to give them something that they would have wanted but didn’t know existed.

We always had Christmas stockings as children and I often get my partner a few stocking fillers. These are usually smaller gifts under £15 that I have besides his ‘main’ present. Which is usually a really expensive bottle of whiskey!

Christmas stocking fillers adults

Christmas stocking filler ideas for adults

Wheel of appreciation

This wheel of appreciation is a beautifully crafted wheel that you can enter 6 personalised messages on, so when your loved one opens it, they’ll be faced with 6 ways you love and appreciate them. It’s a lovely gift, especially for someone in your life that is having a hard time or does a lot for you. It would also be good if you’re the type of person that struggles to express how you feel. This really would be a special gift and a great stocking filler!

Get one here.

Watch accessories

You can get different watch straps such as Apple Watch ones or casio watch straps to personalise watches. These make great stocking fillers!

Fold-out photo album

Pick up to 5-7 of your favourite photos for this lovely fold-out album that really is a trinket to treasure!

Buy it here.

Prosecco Magnet

This is just a fun gift for a prosecco lover, bound to bring a smile to their face!

Get it here.

Personalised iPhone charger sticker

Always arguing over chargers in your house? Then this gift is perfect to mark someone’s charger territory!

Get it here.

Mini marshmallow toasting kit

Who doesn’t love toasted marshmallows? This kit is a great way to bring a bit of camping fun to Christmas!

Get the kit here.

Hot chocolate bombs

I’ve been dying to try one of these hot chocolate bombs! Just drop it in a cup of hot milk for the best hot chocolate ever! Yum!

Get them here.


Know a batman lover? This light projects the batman signal out so would be perfect!

Get it here.

Boxing reflex ball

Love boxing, or just enjoy fun games? This is a great stocking filler for Christmas and I’m sure it’s the type of gift that everyone would want to try after Christmas dinner!

Get it here.

L’oreal pure clay masks

These masks are a best seller and great for any beauty lover who cares about their skin!

Get them here.

Retro sweets

Love this box of retro sweets, Double Dips and Parma Violets are my fav!

Get some here.

Nag note

This might result in an argument if you get it for your other half, but hopefully, they will see the funny side and don’t get revenge by using the notes to give you a list of jobs to do!

Get it here.

Moody cow stress toy

Another one that is a bit risky! Know a moody cow? Get them this for Christmas!

Get it here.

Hope you find these stocking filler ideas for adults!

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