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16 fun Stocking Fillers for Children

Stocking fillers for children might not be your top priority when doing your kid’s Christmas shopping, but of my fondest memories from my childhood is opening my Christmas stocking.

It always felt so magical. I LOVED Christmas as a child and I always struggled to sleep on Christmas Eve. I would try my hardest to go to sleep so Christmas day came sooner. I’d stare at my Christmas stocking and be so excited to see what Santa would put in it for me this year. I never had a personalised stocking but I was happy with the one I had. Personalised stockings weren’t a thing when I was a child!

I struggled to fall asleep on Christmas Eve, I would blink, then it would be full! In just a blink. It was evidence that Santa was real, being able to fill my stocking in a blink of an eye!

Of course, I now know that I fell asleep for a bit and my parents sneaked in to fill it. But at the time it felt like just a blink of an eye. I’d always wake up so early and sit on my bed opening my Christmas stocking presents. I’m sure my parents just did it to delay my pestering to get up.

And oh, how I pestered. I was in and out of their room on Christmas morning begging to go downstairs and see what presents were under the tree!

I cannot wait to give Leo a Christmas stocking full of small bits. It’s one Christmas tradition that I’ll keep going with him. As well as new pyjamas on Christmas eve and let him open one present under the tree!

In this list of stocking fillers for children, I’ve gone for items I would have loved as a kid! Hope you love them too!

Let’s check out these children’s stocking filler ideas.

Stocking fillers for children blog post

Stocking fillers for children

Personalised Christmas stocking

To start with, you need to get a personalised Christmas stocking. Why not get a personalised stocking for your whole family with their name on it!

Get one here.

Wooden Name Train

One of my friends has got one of these for Leo and I love it. It’s such a sweet gift and will look great in your child room. These ones are magniteic which means they are great for your child to play with!

Buy a name train here.

Magic 8 ball

I cannot guarantee your child won’t annoy you with this. ‘ASK ME A QUESTION MUM’ they’ll say over and over again. But it’ll be worth it to see how much fun they’ll having with a magic 8 ball! A classic toy. I love funny stocking fillers!

Buy one here.

Personalised coloured pencils

I was such a big art lover when I was younger and I cannot wait for Leo to be into drawing and colouring. Mostly so I can do it with him! I would have loved my own personalised coloured pencils in my Christmas stocking!

Buy them here.

Personalised crayons

How cute are these little crayons with your childs name on! A perfect Christmas stocking filler that will be loved by any child!

Buy some here.

Glow in the dark pillow case

I would have been obsessed with this pillow case that you can sketch and draw on! It’s so cool. I can’t think of any child that wouldn’t have loads of fun playing with this!

Buy one here.

Pop it fidget toy

These popping fidget toys are great for busy hands! They are satisfying to play, they’re basically bubble wrap that never run out!

Buy one here.

paper planes kit

I loved making paper planes as a child. They’re lots of fun, aren’t they? Now you can get this kit which has your child’s name on! Bring those retro toys back to life! These fun stocking fillers are the best.

Get a kit here.

Rubik’s cube

Another retro gift – I always wanted to be a pro at the Rubik’s Cube! I did have one when I was a child but I don’t think I ever solved it. A great stocking filler for ambitious children!

Get one here.

World map pillow case

This map will help your child learn about the world while they have fun colouring in with the 10 washable fabric pens that it comes with!

Buy one here.

Retro sweet jar

Now, a Christmas stocking wouldn’t be the same without some sweets, these jar comes wrapped in Christmas ribbon making it the perfect addition to a Christmas stocking!

Buy one here.

Flamingo mini cross stitch kit

I loved crafts like this! I remember making pom poms and finger knitting when I was younger. I mean, what even was the point of finger knitting? I just made a long tube that went on forever. I would have been much better off with a cool cross-stitch kit like this!

Get one here.

Cyber pet

I’m confident that even in this day and age, any child would love a cyber pet! I got one when they first came out. I loved it for a whole 5 hours before I dropped it on the floor and it broke. Hopefully, you can get your kid one that lasts longer than mine!

Get one here.

Personalised money box

A great stocking filler for children! It’s never too soon to start getting your kids into the habit of saving! So why not get them their own money box this Christmas? Teach them the benefits of saving their pocket money to buy things they want.

Get one here.

Personalised Christmas mug

How cute are these Christmas mug? A great kids stocking filler idea and fun way of getting started with the tradition of hot chocolate at Christmas!

Buy one here.

Christmas treat bag

This personalised treat bag would be great for putting chocolate coins or other sweets in for a cute stocking filler!

Buy them here

What stocking fillers for children ideas do you have?

Christmas stockings for kids are a source of immense joy and excitement during the holiday season. The anticipation of discovering what’s hidden within is simply magical. With an array of stocking filler ideas for kids available, the possibilities for creating enchanting surprises are endless. From the best stocking filler ideas for kids like small toys, yummy treats, and festive trinkets, to unique and unusual stocking fillers that spark creativity, there’s something to captivate every child’s imagination. These delightful treasures offer a glimpse of the holiday spirit and the joy of giving, making Christmas morning an unforgettable experience for children.

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