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10 Fun Things To Do To Get Into The Christmas Spirit

It’s only 103 days until Christmas! Do you struggle to get into the Christmas spirit or are you like me and ready to go RIGHT NOW? I just love it.

Last Christmas was a bit of a blur. My baby was born right at the end of November, so I spent December in that newborn bubble of hardly having any sleep and having no idea what was going on around me. I was tired and on Christmas day, my baby screamed until 7 pm.

This year is going to be much different. My son will be just over a year old and full of Christmas spirit! I hope. He isn’t going to understand Christmas, but he is going to be a lot more fun, moving around and getting into all his presents.

I also can’t wait to get him into some cute outfits! Last year I was in a lot of pain and mostly kept him in onesies as they are much easier to deal with than other clothes.

Anyway, I am going on a tangent now! We are talking about getting in the Christmas spirit.

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What is the Christmas spirit?

The Christmas spirit can mean different things for different people. For me, getting into the Christmas spirit is that exciting feeling that you get about Christmas. It’s happiness, laughter, family and love. It’s warm and cosy. The Christmas spirit makes you feel hopeful, generous and compassionate towards others.

Before becoming a full-time blogger, I worked in retail for many years. I have done my time working in retail over Christmas, I’m in no rush to do more. Although working long hours during the busiest few weeks of the year is exhausting, there is something nice about working over Christmas.

There’s music playing over the tannoy, there’s decorations everywhere, and we would create Christmas crosswords and Christmas quizzes for the colleagues.

Customers had more patience and were all in good spirits. Everyone was just happy. The mood was lifted and everything seemed joyful.

We wore our Christmas jumpers form the 1st December and the atmosphere was more fun than the rest of the year.

That’s what the Christmas spirit is for me.

This is my second Christmas not working in retail. I won’t have the drive to work where I’m listening to Christmas music, I won’t be attending the daily briefing meetings wearing a Santa hat and I will not be spending hours trying to rejig the Christmas aisles as things sold, fitting new products out while humming along to The Fairytale of New York.

So, I will have to get into the Christmas spirit in a different way.

Here’s how I plan on doing it!

How to get int the Chirstmas spirit

how to get into the Christmas spirit

Watch a Christmas Move

Let’s start with the obvious! Christmas movies! They always get me in the Christmas spirit. I wrote about some of the classic Christmas movies a couple of weeks ago. There are so many I love, I actually like watching those cheesy American ones you find on randomly in the daytime.

Home Alone and The Snowman are always my go-to Christmas movies, though!

Play Christmas Games

If you use the search bar on, you can find yourself some Christmas games to play.

This Snowball Christmas World is a cute jumping cat adventure where you have to get a key to a door and get to it by avoiding dropping down the gaps, spikes and other obstacles. There are 20 levels of fun to explore!

Christmas Furious is also fun! It’s bit like Flappybird – remember that game? You tap the mouse to avoid hitting the red and yellow boxes. It’s annoyingly addictive.

Play Christmas Songs

I really need to write a post about my favourite Christmas songs. I love Christmas music and when I think of my favourite, I end up with a list of about 15 songs! I love both the traditional Christmas songs, such as O holey night, and the more popular ones like Wham’s Last Christmas, or Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas.

Christmas songs can get me into the Chrismtas spirit almost immediately. People often complain about them being played too early or too much, but not me. I will start listening to Chrsitmas songs every day from now please.

Bake a Christmas Treat

What’s your favourite thing to bake over Christmas? Gingerbread? Christmas cookies? A Christmas cake? Chocolate log?

Baking some delicious Christmas food and making the house smell of warm baking is a great way to get in the Christmas spirit.

Write Your Christmas Card

Writing out your Christmas cards can remind you of all the people you love and care about. Writing them a Christmas card is a fun way to tell them that you’re thinking of them this Christmas.

Though it’s important to be aware that some people do not like getting Christmas cards as it can be seen as a waste and more environmentally friendly not to send lots of people cards. If this is the case, consider donating some money to a charity instead of spending money on cards.

Decorate Your House

Get your Christmas tree out, get your Christmas centrepiece out on your table and start feeling that Christmas spirit. I love listening to Christmas music as I’m decorating my house for Christmas! I’ve got some great Christmas decor ideas this year!

Just you wait 🙂

Do a Christmas Quiz

I love doing Christmas trivia quizes. Doing a quiz is a good way to get those Christmas feels burning. Get your friends and family involved, too.

There’s so many fun facts about Christmas to learn.

Eat Some Christmas Treats

My favourite Christmas treats have to be candy canes and Matchsticks (both the mint and orange flavours).

I’m also a big fan of the green triagles in Quality streets. Why is there only ever two or three in each tub?


ElfYourself is just a silly app you can get that puts your face as an elf and make a little mini-film of you dancing. Yes, I’ll be doing this with my son this year!

Burn Christmas Candles

What’s your favourite Christmas scent? For me it’s cinnamon. I’m not a fan of it being paired with apple, I just want that cinnamon goodness on it’s own!

Smell has such a powerful way of changing my mood and emotions so burning Christmas candles is a great way for me to get into the Christmas spirit!

What gets your into the Chirstmas spirit?

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