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Hard Christmas Crossword (free & printable)

Looking for holiday fun? Explore a collection of challenging and engaging Christmas crossword puzzles. These free printable Christmas crossword puzzles offer hours of entertainment. Whether you’re a seasoned crossword enthusiast or just looking for a festive brain teaser, these puzzles are perfect. Download the free printable PDFs for a delightful twist on traditional Christmas activities.

A few days ago I created an easy Christmas crossword puzzle that was free to print and download. The previous crossword was easy and would be a great Christmas crossword for children to do (or people that are rubbish at trivia, like me!). This next one is a bit harder and is more suited to adults.

So print it off and have a go yourself, or even challenge your family with it over the Christmas holidays.

The answers are hidden away at the bottom of this post, past the image.

Hope you enjoy this more difficult Christmas crossword!

Hard Christmas Crossword Printable
Hard Christmas Crossword
christmas cup and gingerbread man for christmas crossword blog post

Hard Christmas crossword questions and answers

Spanish guitarist who Feliz Navidad – Jose Feliciano
Song White Christmas used in this film first – Holiday Inn
Ocean where Christmas Island is in – Indian
Christmas chocolate favourite launched in 1932 – Chocolate orange
‘Auld Lang Syne’ literal meaning – Times long past
This country has the tradition of filling children’s clogs with candy and treats – Netherlands
Most recorded Christmas song of all time – Silentnight
Little brother’s name in the movie A Christmas Story – Randy
“And on every street corner you hear” – Silverbells
German Nazi Regime replaced Santa Claus with this – Odin
Silent Night originated here – Austria
US state holding the Guinness record for largest snowman – Maine

If you want to create your own hard Christmas crossword for free, then check out Crossword Labs. That’s what I used to make this one!

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