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Free Easy Christmas Crossword

I love doing Christmas crossword puzzles, especially easy Christmas crosswords! So created one for you all to do.

About Christmas Crosswords

Christmas crosswords are a delightful holiday activity that combines festive cheer with mental stimulation. Whether you’re cosying up by the fireplace or enjoying some downtime with loved ones, these puzzles add a touch of seasonal excitement.

With options ranging from easy Christmas crossword puzzles printable to more challenging ones, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The joy of unravelling holiday-themed clues and filling in the grid with answers is a perfect way to engage your brain while celebrating the spirit of the season. So, gather around and dive into the world of Christmas crosswords to experience the joy of puzzle-solving and holiday merriment.

Free Christmas Crosswords With Answers

This free Christmas crossword is very easy to complete. It would be ideal for a bit of Christmas fun at work, or to print off and do with your children. I’ve uploaded a printable PDF version of my Christmas season crossword so you can download it and print it.

The answers to the crossword are below the image. I’ve kept them low in the post, just in case you don’t want to see them!

I may do a harder crossword in the next few weeks, for those of you that need a bit more of a challenge!

If you want to create your own Christmas crossword for free, then check out Crossword Labs. That’s what I used to make this one!

easy free Christmas crossword puzzle
Free Christmas Crossword

gingerbread man and christmas cup

Free Christmas crossword questions and answers

Number of ghosts in A Christmas Carol? four
Best selling Christmas song – white Christmas
Female turkey – hen
Skin hanging from a turkey’s neck – wattle
Spirited added to Christmas pudding – brandy
Where gingerbread houses started – Germany
Company that uses Santa in adverts – Coca-Cola
He stole Christmas – grinch
Gift from the wise men – myrrh
Day after Christmas – boxing day
Helps Santa make presents – elves
Famous Christmas ballet – nutcracker
Top of a Christmas tree – star

Hope you enjoy doing my easy free Christmas crossword puzzle! If you want my Christmas fun, check out my Christmas quiz here and hard Christmas crossword.

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