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50 Blogmas ideas for 2023

Are you thinking of participating in Blogmas in 2023? The Blogmas challenge can be a fun event to participate in but can require some planning ahead of time to think of a Christmas blog post for every day.

What is Blogmas?

Blogmas is an event in the blogging calendar where bloggers post every day in December (or every day up until Christmas). It’s kind of like an advent calendar for blogs. But instead of opening a door to find a piece of chocolate each day, you read a new blog post from your favourite bloggers.

You can also participate in Vlogmas – which is the same idea, but you upload a Vlog to YouTube.

I’m sure you could also do Instamas, Reelmas, Tiktokmas – you get the idea! Daily content! In December! Do it!

blogmas 2021 laptop with fairy lights

Why should you participate in Blogmas?

Well, the best reason I can give you is that it’s fun! It can really get you in the mood for Christmas if you’re the type of person who loves Christmas and the massive build-up.

There’s also the satisfaction of managing to post every day. It’s a real accomplishment.

It can also be a way to accomplish a few of those blogging goals that you set at the start of the year, such as getting more followers or pageviews. Posting more and being more involved in the community can give your blog stats a bit of a boost for the end of the year.

Planning Blogmas

It’s important to remember that December is a busy month for most people. Depending on where you work, you might be working longer hours than normal. There are also Christmas parties and catching up with friends.

So if you want to complete a sucessful Blogmas, then it’s time to start planning ahead.

The easiest way to do this is to brainstorm your Blogmas post ideas. Then start writing them.

Check how long you have left until Christmas and decide how many you would like to write in advance. Currently, it’s 102 days until December 1st. Or 14 weeks and 4 days, which is plenty of time!

You could aim to write one or two Blogmas posts a week from now until the 1st of December and have everything scheduled.

Or you can cowboy it and just write a Blogmas post each day in December. Though it’s probably smart to have at least some posts written and scheduled by December so you have a grace period.

Just do what works for you depending on what time your lifestyle will allow you to have.

What should I blog about during Blogmas?

You can blog about anything you want! But most people use Blogmas to write content that is related to Christmas, or winter.

Here are some ideas for blog posts..

50 Blogmas ideas for 2023

  1. Gift guide for parents
  2. Top 5 Christmas movies
  3. Food you must include in your Christmas dinner
  4. Post about different Christmas traditions around the world
  5. Christmas day outfit
  6. Christmas wishlist
  7. Memories of Christmas from your childhood
  8. Write a gift guide for him/her/pets/children
  9. How to make your own gift tags
  10. Winter skincare routine
  11. Post about your family’s Christmas traditions
  12. Christmas market post
  13. Show off your Christmas tree
  14. Christmas table decor ideas
  15. Christmas jumper wishlist
  16. Christmas party outfit ideas
  17. A recipe with leftover turkey
  18. Where to go on holiday for Christmas
  19. Advent calendar review
  20. Top Christmas songs
  21. Christmas nail ideas
  22. Write a Christmas quiz or share Christmas facts
  23. Christmas makeup tutorial
  24. Recap of your last Christmas
  25. Winter outfit ideas
  26. Create a Christmas crossword for your readers
  27. How to cosy up your home this winter
  28. Favourite Christmas candles
  29. Elf on the shelf ideas
  30. Favourite Christmas bath products
  31. Christmas cocktail recipe
  32. Christmas pyjama wishlist
  33. Describe your perfect Christmas day
  34. Christmas home decor wishlist
  35. Christmas Eve plans
  36. DIY Christmas stocking
  37. Tell a story of when you believed in Santa
  38. Best Christmas crafts to do with kids
  39. Gift ideas for baby’s first Christmas
  40. Stocking filler gift guide
  41. Why you love Christmas
  42. The best games to play at Christmas
  43. Favourite Christmas TV shows
  44. How to give to Chairty this Christmas
  45. Christmas hot chocolate recipe
  46. Favourite treats at Christmas
  47. DIY Christmas bauble
  48. How to save money at Christmas
  49. How to make a bit of extra money at Christmas
  50. Ways to shop sustainable this Christmas

Are you taking part in Blogmas this year? Hope these blogmas ideas helped you!

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